Eddie Startup

Programme Producer and Presenter
Controller Sales Manager
Sales Director
Group Sales Director
Managing Director.

Eddie formed CREATIVE TRAINING in 1991 and has consulted many media organisations and lectured in over twenty countries. Some of the countries he has worked in include Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Croatia, Indonesia & of course the UK.

Revenue Generation Sales Management Promotions/Sponsorship

Station Turnarounds and General Management achievements:

  • Took INVICTA RADIO Kent from £700,000 loss
  • to producing £4,600,000 turnover.

  • Turned around LBC local sales and increased turnover
  • from £170,000 to £500.000 in 12 months
  • Turned around CHILTERN RADIO and generated an extra £770,000
  • in the first 12 months during the worst recession the country had seen for years.
  • Won the first regional station licence in the UK, GALAXY 101
  • In 2004 turned around ISLAND FM, Guernsey, Only 26,000 listeners and produced £1.3 million in the following 12 months.

  • Turned around Q96 in Glasgow which was then sold on

  • Turned around YOUR RADIO, Dumbarton, from a ‘bust’ situation
    to "in profit" and then sold in 6 months!
  • Turned around OAK FM Loughborough. Was a week from handing back licence to Ofcom to be brand leader within six months. OAK FM was subsequently sold to Lincs FM Group at large multiple of turnover).
Started his broadcast career in 1970 at a station of the British forces Network in Sharjah.

Over the last forty years Eddie has worked in Radio and in Television in the key departments of Programming, Sales and Management, and in various capacities:

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